Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Family Tree homework tasks

Wow what a pleasure it was to learn so much out about the students in Room 12. So many stories, connections and journeys that families have been on. For the next 3 weeks the students in Room 12 have to select one of those family members (grandma, granddad, aunty, uncle, mum, dad) to interview. They have chosen a variety of topics that they got to select in our class session today (minimum of 5) and need to use those in the interview. They will ultimately use the interview information to create a Google Slide presentation once the information is all collected (but one thing at a time).

Monday, 6 March 2017

Congratulations to our awesome Leaders!

Over the past week the students have been putting themselves forward for various leadership roles in the class and school.

Congratulations to Jessie McCarthy and Wiremu Whiu for being selected as Monaco House Leaders.
Congratulations to Cooper Keeler-Herd and Justin Morris for being selected as Class and Deputy Class Leaders.
Congratulations to Latavia Lee-Coleman and Arapo Taura for being selected as our Sports and Deputy Sports Leaders.

Interschool swimming is happening on Friday and 3 students have been selected from Room 12 to attend due to their results. Congratulations to Charlotte Batty, Joshua Booth and Paige Neill. They will represent Broadgreen well!

Thursday, 2 February 2017

Swimming starts Wednesday

Just a reminder to prepare your togs, students! We are taking the plunge and trying to raise your confidence and fitness levels so we can conquer the other houses at swimming sports day!

Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Welcome to Rm 12 2017

Welcome to all students, parents and whanau. Yesterday a diary was given to your child and class and school newsletters were sent home. Please make contact with me (lconnolly@broadgreen.school.nz) if you did not receive this from your child. 

Sunday, 20 November 2016

Zakyla's Poem

If I were in charge of the world.
 I’d try and cure cancer     
  And decrease the population of          
        people dying every year.
I’d help poverty.
  If I were in charge of the world.
There be only 4 hours of school a day.
 You wouldn’t have to go sleep.
And end world hunger.
   If I would change the world.
You wouldn’t have to do homework
You wouldn’t run out of food in your house You’ll have an endless supply.
You wouldn’t have to do the dishes.
(Applies to children only.)
If I were in charge of the world.

Monday, 24 October 2016

Lilly Neame/Leah Johnston-National Gymnastics Report

On Monday 26th of September Nelson Rhythmic Gymnastics Club flew down to Invercargill for the NZ Nationals Gymsports Championships. Along with rhythmic gymnastics there was also aerobics, trampolining, Men’s gymnastics and artistic gymnastics. It lasted for a week. We competed on Wednesday the 28th of September at 12.30pm. Lilly was on second with her hoop routine and came second equal in that. Leah was on fourth with freehand and came second in her category. Lilly also came second in clubs. Leah came fourth in her hoop category. Overall Leah came in fourth place and Lilly came in sixth place in level 4.
... rhythmic gymnastics team ...
A form of gymnastics emphasizing dance-like rhythmic routines, typically accentuated by the use of freehand, rope, hoop, ball, clubs and ribbon.

By Lilly Neame and Leah Johnston. Room 12

Grier Rollinson Archery Report

Each month my archery club - Sherwood Archery Club, does a JAMA postal shoot competition. The way this competition works is that we have to shoot 36 arrows into a 40cm target at 18 meters. We record our scores and send them into JAMA. The competition is out of the whole country and I came 1st overall in the girl’s intermediate group. I shoot a recurve 64” 20lb bow.